Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Thawing out and Amping up

Gift Galley + Pocket, Steak n Rib dinner GC
( the challenge the boys set to consume 1kg steak/ribs was painful to watch)
Casa Galley-chillin GC
It has been a hectic week since returning from the Gold Coast and the BODYOVERHAUL Event. With 10 weeks till summer, the smart people out there are looking at training now in preparation for the summer sizzle. So clients are coming back to the fold and competition preparation for the local shows is underway.

I had a blast with all the crew thats came along on Saturday morning and was very impressed at the fit bunch of women that were in attendance, George form 'Get Motivated Personal Training', Chevron Island has obviously been doing great things with his clients. They all worked really hard and were that enthusiastic to find out more information during the nutrition chat post training, that we ran an hour overtime. It was so fantastic to meet all the women there and having set some challenges for them for the next 12 weeks, I am excited to hear how their personal journeys and vision acquisition takes shape.

I too had the chance to head back to World Gym and pump out some pretty fantastic training sessions myself. The notable absence of some of the key players in the mix, Jimmy 'Aflete' Sadek and Andre 'Dre' Davids was certainly felt. But Gift Galley and I along with IFBB Pro fitness champ Donna Jones smashed out some super sessions over the couple of days. It was great to catchup with Donna, who is looking in top form, as she too, shapes into the end of year competition season.

Things are chugging along very very steadily here at SPBFitness Hq... I have some very exciting changes coming up and although I am dying to spill the beans, I cant share too much yet. But I will say this, with my final weeks preparations being logged and posted on YOUTUBE be sure to subscribe to the link to stay regularly updated on the tips, info snippets and goss as I lead into the shows. There will be interviews with fitness celebrities, athletes, industry professionals and my tour from leadup to close will be there for your viewing pleasure.

I am very excited to share also that I will be posting, as part of the expert panel, on Andre Davids fitness group pages. Andre is one of the most highly professional and well conditioned professional athletes I have had the pleasure of  training with. So I am truly honoured to be amongst his prestigious group of experts. Dres Fitness Group

GC cardio sunday morning-heaven
As each day ticks by, we are progressing toward the goals steadily and consistently. As it should be, no beat is missed in the preparation(diet, training, recovery, psychologically) all aspects are coming together for the most favourable results. Being ready to take advantage of the opportunity is what it is all about. As Woody Allen said, "70% of success is turning up", the other30% is making sure you are ready to out perform even yourself when asked. I for one have always found that philosophy to be one to follow...you never know unless you give it a go...and seriously, how hard can it be?

Train freaky and never give up on your dreams.

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