Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

So how are we going so far...?

With 13 days until I return to the Gold Coast, for another training intensive with the Dream Team Cru its time to take stock, reflect and re-jig the plan for October if required.

I am very much looking forward to catching up with my 'Dream Team' mates, a term thrown around to describe the magic bunch of highly dedicated and committed athletes scattered across Australia, who will be descending upon the Gold Coast again to re-ignite the fire ( which will only burn brighter as I know mine is), toward the October seasons. Natika is going so well on her plan and has just made the finals of the TITAN GIRL promotion (woohoo), and the boys, well...i know they are getting their 'freak on' on a daily basis, so I expect to be blown away by their results.

So to my training; things are going very well thus 16 weeks out I am very happy with my start point package, dial in has commenced already with a further tightening up of the usually clean dietary regimen. As with most people I know, I have a weakness for nuts and the dreaded almond paste, but the time has come to say goodbye to that pleasure for a few months. 

The altitude training has been going very very well, my session this morning blew all prior gains out the window with a PB sprint session that saw my heart rate hit 180bpm (and i didn't chuck,yeah) and stay up there...and I will admit to running folks, yes, running... I know! lol So with 2 more sessions to go before my programmed 14 days respite from this component of my training, I am really looking forward to setting the bar high with my fitness this time and intend to only keep improving after the break.

Weight training has been consistent, but finding a training partner to replace my gorgeous and very much missed Glamazon, has been tricky and frustrating to say the least. However, true to form a loss can often bring double the dividends as it has in my case. I have found a truly gutsy training partner in Penny, a former Pt and highly competitive, challenge oriented woman who is just as mad as I am when it comes to punishing your body... training sessions are full of laughter and massive output. I have already increased my gains in squats, and leg press which means leaner, meaner and more shapely body over all. I have also returned to the joys of training with the guys. Prior to 2010, I trained regularly with the blokes.  There is a very different focus and dynamic to these 'alpha-session', which I have missed and really enjoy. Now I get this element again and even though I might make him cry sometimes, Jeet is an absolute gun at explosive effort and big weights.

Thats about where we are at folks, tick tock tick tock...I am getting VERY excited about the USA trip...nervous as hell too, mainly with the travel component. This trip I will be visiting places I have never been before,  so the unfamiliar is the major variable for concern. But that just means I am out of my comfort zone and who doesn't need to be shaken up a little every now and then? Keeps pocket spicy, like a good cocktail!
I am however, not in the least bit nervous about the fact I CAN NOT WAIT to compete, I am mentally very ready this season, the bug is back and burning brighter than ever. It was a little fatigued up until recently. But like most things in life you roll with the punches and keep putting one foot in front of the other, walking or running to the goal is of no consequence so long as you are heading in the right direction with little or no deviation off the path to your success. Seeing things for what they are and investing no more emotional energy than you really need to.

I have some very clear and neatly packaged goals for the next 12 months, so onward we forge and beware any obstacle that bothers to pop one of the major elements I have rediscovered recently is that my goal is part-in-parcel of the life I wish to lead, meeting amazing people, achieving my business, athletic and personal goals and helping others achieve theirs. Competing has been a wonderful vehicle to facilitate all of the things I find fundamentally important to me, I think I had lost sight of that momentarily, but I got clear, got re-aligned with my passions and am ready to ROKETTE out!

I highly recommend revisiting your plans for the next may surprise yourself with what you discover....

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