Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

What an adventure the Gold Coast turned out to be...I ended up being there a few days extra, but there are no complaints here. Once the sun came out, well lets just say I'm smitten with the place.

Last time I was on GC was just after Expo '88 and I was very,very young.... so cant say I remember a great deal. But this trip will stay with me a while, I had a ball.

Arriving on Tiger Airways (who I might add I wont be travelling with again, poor service, surly staff and a penchant for ripping you blind on everything from the seat you choose to luggage check in), into the tin shed that was GC airport and being greeted by weather just as bad and chilled as Melbourne, was not great. But things looked up from that moment on. A soon to be business associate collected me and so began a great trip.

So the first 2 days were all business and presentations... a girl has to work sometimes, spent time discussing the benefits of whole food nutrition and learnt a little about something called Glutathione

'the Gift' Galley, Pocket, Dre-big athletic plans ahead for 2011.
...but it was the later part of the trip that really made the grade and then some. I caught up with 5 (soon to be 6) time Mr Australia, Michael 'the Gift' Galley, Model and figure competitor Nakita 'Giftess' Leanne, WNBF Pro Fitness Model and the freakishly conditioned Andre 'Dre' Davids, 'Aflete' and human tank, Jimmy Sadek plus the big man of EastCoast Supplements Luke Holiday-Smith...it was so fantastic catching up with everyone. Especially out of competition, when most of us dont even know our own name let alone be able to create meaningful conversation with people. But this trip was really special.  Training at World Gym, dining out in some of the most amazing restaurants I have experienced and generally laughing so hard my sides ached. On a side note-I have never seen someone down sushi like jimmy..it was semi-disturbing... and yet a privilege to witness all at once lol

Natika Leanne, Pocket Asia Pacific BB Championships
So with plans for a training trip in the very, very immediate future, I am looking forward to the goals set at the last dinner being well underway... daily updates are flowing in, so all seems to be on track and as it should be...on the coast, in Melbourne and in Sydney.. Go GIFTS! 

The CrU
New art work
It was a volcanic eruption in Chile that put an end to my homeward plans...sitting on the flight ready to taxi and we were all asked to disembark and sort our way home via an alternative route...so to the Galley lounge room floor I did return for 2 more nights. All good, the view from the balcony was so magical at sunrise I really didnt mind at all. The time off afforded me the opportunity of finally getting the Tattoo I have been hanging to get for a long time...if you head to the Gold Coast be sure to check out the EastCoast Ink studio.

So back in Melbourne, I attended the national campaign to 'Get In Shape Australia', this morning at the Botanical Gardens. For more info on how you can get your free training program and be in the draw for $10,000 worth of prizes go toMOVE IT:

So while the nation is encouraged to move it, i too am up-ing the anti on my training regimen. With 14 weeks till my USA tour, I am back to my Altitude sessions, back to the gym and back to focused dieting and cardio sessions. The pending trip is going to be a massive undertaking with 3 shows, 4 states and a few thousand Km travelled. But I am very,very excited about all of it...I have amazing people to meet, photographers lined up to work with and every single city I am going to is going to be a new place for me. So October here we come. I cannot wait...

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